Hey, I'm Ryan

a creative iOS Developer & Designer working in Minneapolis

Hey there! My name's Ryan. I'm actually a stack developer, but I've got a particular passion for iOS & creative mobile experiences. I design and build all sorts of cool apps for people - some just for my own fun.

In fact, I love it so much, I started a company so that I could build software to "make life a little easier, while throwing a little fun into it".

I do a lot with Swift SQL NoSQL Google Cloud Compute Firebase Express JS Heroku Node JS Serverless Microservices HTML/CSS & API Development . . .well, at least that's been a lot of my work lately.

Thankfully, having built so many apps to scale, I've also had the chance to explore and learn a lot about:
PostgreSQL Angular JS Vapor Websockets AWS & PHP

And I'm trying my best to learn more about Java Kotlin React Native R Python & Machine Learning

I also know quite a bit about Salesforce development, oddly enough.

. . . phew. . . Now, on to the cool stuff!

Red Shepard

We create software that makes life a little easier, while throwing a little fun into it.

Queue'd - The Crowd Sourced Music Queue

Add your favorite songs to a shared music queue at your favorite bars, restaurants and get-togethers, then vote to decide what plays next.

HTS Active Alert

Active Alert® is the world's first real-time threat reporting system for the workplace & organizations. It's also available on Android.

GCF Stripe

A simple, serverless implementation of a basic payment processing system using Google's Cloud Functions and Stripe.

Daulton Recruiting

My father, a heavy equipment recruiter, needed a website for his business. So I took the chance to make a site with a clean, modern feel.

Quick Quote

A simplified re-design of the commercial loan quoting process for the mobile medium. Built for the Equipment Finance & Commercial Lending industry.

White House Custom Colour

November 2016 — Present

iOS Developer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tamarack Consulting

June 2016 — November 2016

Salesforce Developer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Spider Logic

May 2015 — August 2015

Software Developer Intern

Milwaukee, Wisconsin